We love supporting our community through a variety of channels and ways that are in alignment with our values! If you want to request a donation we have some guidelines to ensure fairness. Please submit your requests via this page ONLY we can not process requests in store.

Some of the places we currently support... our local high school’s DRAMA club and their YEARLY performance! One of our other favorite organizations is “Ellicottville FAMILY Support” we know the people who operate things and that our donations go to folks who need it 100%.


In order to be considered for a donation, you must apply on behalf of an organization that has a non-profit legal status and provide a 501C 3 with a federal tax identification number.   It is our preference to support organizations whose missions are in alignment with our store’s message and values (see below).

Size of Donation: $25-$50 of product is typical of our donation size.

Lead Time: We require requests 60 days in advance so we can plan our budget and fairly evaluate requests, we GET a lot of requests. Though we would love to support every request this is not possible for us to stay in business and continue to give back.

How to REQUEST? Send an email to and answer the questions below and we will contact you once we make our selection!

Thank you for shopping here and stopping by the Purple Doorknob Donation page… look for updates from us on our Facebook Page and follow us on instagram.